The Soul Intelligence™ Ultimate Intuition Program

is designed for spiritual women, coaches & wellness practitioners to develop their intuition to become Intuitive Readers in the next 12 months.

Do you trust your Intuition to give you the answers?

OR do you question your intuition?

Can you rely on your intuition to clearly lead yourself and others?


are you filled with self-doubt, confusion and uncertainty with what's truly right?

True intuition is not guesswork

nor is it just going by a woowoo 'feeling'.​

It isn't instincts. 

It isn't reading 'body language'.

It isn't trying to 'mind-read' nor is it meditation either. 

Airy-fairy divination tools like pendulums, cards, crystals or caldrons are not required (although we love this stuff!).

You don't need to understand complicated calculations, or memorise a whole array of archetypes.

You don't need to be born into a family of clairvoyants to be an Intuitive Reader. 

Becoming an Intuitive Reader is a potential we all naturally have. It is a gift within each and everyone of us, waiting to be activated if we desire it. 

Training to a high level of Intuition is an applicable skill you can learn. 

All you need is a methodology to effectively use your Intuition.

1. You need to learn a structured process to activate, access and understand your Intuition

2. You need to broaden your spiritual knowledge through simple models and frameworks that distill complex spiritual concepts like Universal Energy,  Channeling, the Akashic Records, & the Soul's Journey.  

3. You need to learn logical, practical ways of applying high spiritual knowledge to daily life. 

The Soul Intelligence™ Ultimate Intuition Program is 4 structured modules and over 20 lessons taught over approximately 1 year

It is a hybrid program of LIVE ONLINE TRAINING + INDEPENDENT LEARNING through pre-recorded video tutorials, demos, resource lists, guided meditations, and practice assignments, all accessed within your private students-only platform.  

Our LIVE ONLINE TRAININGS are instructor guided and comprises of demos, supervised group & pair practice, and Q&As, to ensure you absorb the nuances of this art.

Replays are provided if you can't make the LIVE training. 

PLUS! An optional certification track where you may submit extra assignments and case studies to receive Private 1:1 assessments from your instructor.



our community

We are a small but growing 'coven' of international inner healers, mystics, and spiritual souls who are grounded and practical yet drawn to the esoteric arts. Many of us feel we have known each other in past lives. Most of us are givers, empaths and lean towards being more introverted. We feel right at home with astrology, yoga, meditation, crystals, essential oils, the Tarot, the Law of Attraction, and more. Apart from the intuitive arts, we are trained in other wellness modalities. We love exchanging intuitive readings with one another, so you'll have access to a group of highly trained Intuitive readers on call too!


  • You are drawn to spiritual, esoteric, energy and consciousness worlds, and what's beyond the mind & body
  • You want greater clarity and want to intuitively find the answers & make decisions
  • You are more deeply thinking about and searching for your Life & Soul Purpose for 1 year or longer
  • You've received a spiritual reading before and it really spoke to you 
  • You've taken more than one spiritual, healing or wellness training before (Eg. Reiki, Astrology, Yoga, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Metaphysics etc.)
  • You either practice spiritual work yourself OR admire others who do
  • You are grateful for your life & day job but you yearn for deeper personal satisfaction
  • You dream of doing spiritual wellness work in the next 1- 3 years and to help others in a pure & meaningful way 
  • You are a good communicator (speaking, writing, drawing, teaching) and want to use your skills in a multi-dimensional way
  • You are 100% committed to do the work.  You want to dedicate time, energy and resources to your spiritual growth.
  • You know that the best investment you can make, is the one in yourself, because everyone around you benefits too.
  • You just know it's time


  • You've never heard of spiritual concepts like the Universe, Energy, Frequency, Consciousness and Manifestation
  • You prefer to follow others or let others make your decisions
  • You are not thinking about your life purpose yet
  • You've never received a spiritual reading before 
  • You are not keen on helping and serving others in a deeper way
  • You've never attended any other spiritual, coaching, or wellness programs before
  • You are not interested in new approaches or different perspectives
  • Your spiritual growth is not a priority nor valuable to you right now
  • You don't want to commit time, energy and resources to your spiritual path & purpose right now

imagine unlocking your most important inner guidance system

You are an Intuitive Reader. You are clear on your life's purpose, you make better decisions, you experience flow and trust in your life. You deliver your mission through paid spiritual wellness work, perhaps through a variety of modalities. You understand your most difficult karmic relationships. Your life is filled with meaning & personal satisfaction. You are able to navigate your challenges more calmly and easily.


"Recently, I was given the opportunity to do my first ever paid intuitive reading. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing but I never knew where to begin. I feel inspired by this line of work as it really feeds the soul and infuses day-to-day life with wonder and discovery.

So much of my time and energy before was spent just doubting that what I wanted could be possible, doubting the possibility of getting paid doing what I feel deeply about, and because of the doubt, thinking and trying too hard, not trusting the universe.

For the longest time, I just didn’t feel like I could seriously consider doing intuitive healing work.

I felt I couldn’t have a shot unless I did this other job which I was losing faith and interest in. It was draining and no longer in alignment with what I found worthwhile. It took months of agitation and discomfort until I became clearer about what I truly wanted and was willing to accept.

I decided to set clear boundaries and higher standards for what is acceptable in terms of meaningful work, how I want to spend my time and how I am compensated.

It was an intuitive reading I received from a fellow Soul Intelligence student, which reinforced the subtle nudge from within to take a different tack, giving me the courage to let the current path go without regret.

Conducting intuitive readings are spaces of co-creation, since in facilitating the healing process for someone else, we are also expanding our own capacity for love and understanding. It is rather an honour, to be let into another’s world for a glimpse into some of their hopes and concerns.

I believe that when we are ready, and intend for it to be so, the perfect clients will meet us to co-create life-enhancing healing experiences."

- Mirabelle Yang, PHD candidate, Singapore

"I used to look at wellness practitioners and always felt inspired by such work. I would think, wow if only I could do that and help people.

Later I heard about the Soul Intelligence Program and I thought of becoming an Intuitive reader, but I never dreamed people would pay for my reading. What was stopping me from believing I could do it, was ignorance. I did not have enough knowledge about Intuition & Intuitive Reading, so I didn’t think I could be a paid Intuitive reader. 

Another factor was the self-doubt and huge lack of trust I had in myself. I felt it was not possible. I was doubtful. I didn’t think I was qualified enough. I didn’t even think I could be doing this as a profession. Charging a client was completely out of the way then.

Once I began to do professional readings & combined it with coaching work, I underpriced myself and hence undervalued my work.

But I started getting rave reviews about my sessions from clients and some close ones suggested I raise my fees. 

I now feel a lot more confident conducting intuitive readings. I have raised my fees as I no longer want to undervalue my work and my worth. I want it to truly reflect the quality of what I bring to the world."

- Nanthini, Teacher & Coach, Singapore


who will be guiding you?

meet your instructor

The Soul Intelligence™ Program is developed and run by Desiree Duclos, who is a self-taught professional intuitive, a certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist (Inner Child, Past Lives & Interlife), and the founder of Float Your Boat Therapy

Her career began with entrepreneurship, design, and communications. She embarked on training in complementary therapy in 2009, starting with hypnotherapy, before diving further into energy work and consciousness exploration. 

Desiree advocates the importance of doing inner work, and healing psycho-emotional patterns, as integral to the spiritual journey.

Her open yet grounded approach to spirituality, blends the best of both eastern and western worlds, reflecting her Eurasian heritage, and love for all cultures. 

Desiree is on a mission to help you master your intuitive gift and turn it into a practical skill. She hopes to help you discover and deliver your life's purpose through Intuitive readings & spiritual wellness work.


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