unlock your most important inner guidance system.

What if you could live a life of clarity, ease and flow? A life where you are safely and surely led by a most powerful, trustworthy personal guardian.

You've heard of the power of the mind right?

The truth is, the mind's abilities pales in comparison to the power of your soul. 

Because it is your eternal essence which carries your innermost wisdom,
knows your true desires, and holds all the right answers.

And did you know, that understanding the language of our core, is a skill that can be trained?

Yes, you have access to this intuitive ability. 

It's an innate intelligence that you can cultivate. And some say, a gift that only needs to be recalled.

Knowing thyself takes on a whole new dimension once you understand the Energy world and your place in our Multiverse. 

decode the language of your Soul.

We provide a unique step-by-step method to help you decipher your most important inner guidance system - your Soul's Intelligence. 

The Soul Intelligence Ultimate Intuition Program is an interactive online course, designed to help you master your Intuition, understand Energy and our Multiverse. Discover your true purpose, all through a step-by-step method. 

The training is taught over four structured modules, and conducted by a combination of video tutorials, demos, resource lists, and home assignments, all accessed within your private students-only platform.  

Plus, each module includes an additional LIVE component, where you may interact with other students in class online.

In these sessions, Desiree supervises your practices, and answers your questions to ensure you are on track, and that you absorb the nuances of this art. 

"I feel more expanded in my life now, I have new curiosity and a new outlook over certain things in my life that I didn't know or didn't understand before. I'm starting to see a much bigger picture. This program helped me gain more trust .... and practice! It was so nice to meet like-minded people and share in these experiences with them, too.

It just really opened my mind. It just makes you more aware of the energy around us and how powerful it can be. There is so much more to life than what our human eyes can see, it's another layer of mystery to me that's slowing being uncovered. I find it fascinating!

I like Desiree's energy. Her methods are simple, yet effective and although spiritual in her own way, she seems very grounded. I felt very comfortable throughout. I also really enjoyed the Q&A sessions. When I tried to intuit on my own, I didn't have anyone else to talk to about what was going on and what I was feeling. It was comforting to have someone there to help guide us the right way and answer any of our questions and doubts."

- Jessica Wiler, English Lecturer, USA

If you want to learn how to draw answers from your own deep well of pure wisdom, clarity and trust, for every area of your life, then this is for you.

Our ideal student is a modern spiritual seeker, and has completed some inner development work. You are curious about the Universe, seek higher purpose, and want to make a difference in the world.

The ones who excel at this program, broadly fall under these categories: 

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Do you seem to have everything in place yet feel something is still missing in your life? What is it that you have come here to really do? When will you discover your calling? Which direction should you take on your mission? 

We all know that the answers lie within us, right?

But that just seems to bring up even more questions

How do we hear the answers? Which voice do we listen to exactly? Who are we really hearing? Which is right?

Maybe you do pay attention to your intuition and you are already in the capacity of guiding others, but you wish you received it more clearly and understood it better.

Perhaps you are an empath and you pick up everything from around you, intensely, without any clue how to manage this.

Or, you have always had a gut feel for things, but your random hunches are not quite consistent.

It can be frustrating and confusing trying to make the right choices in life, amidst all the difficulties and noise. Sometimes there can be so much conflict going on inside us, fighting to be heard. Our analytical minds can go into overdrive, our emotions rise and and fall, while we try to figure out the best way for ourselves.

If you truly want the answers to life, you need to learn how to go beyond your mind, and let your soul guide you.  

We have developed a training program that will help you learn to do just this.

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"I have developed an intuition I didn’t even know I was capable of. It has helped me make better decisions. My thought process has changed. It has strengthened my religious faith as well. There were things that I didn’t understand clearly but now so many things just fall into place. Things which I didn’t understand previously, make better sense to me.

In the past year, I have done plenty of courses of the same genre but none even comes close to Soul Intelligence Program. Desiree has designed the course REALLY well. The resources given to us to study, has helped me be a better person and a calmer mother

The attunements which are given to us are very powerful. Again I have had many others but none were this strong. In fact the experience was very profound. The strong rush of energy that entered the body is something which one can only experience and not explain.

I have recommended and encouraged SO many of my friends and family not to miss out on the Soul Intelligence Program!" 

- Bina Sheikh, Home-maker, Pakistan


who will be guiding you?

meet your instructor

The Soul Intelligence Program is developed and run by Desiree Duclos, who is a self-taught professional intuitive, a certified Regression Therapist (Inner Child, Past Lives & Interlife), and the founder of Float Your Boat Therapy

Her career began with entrepreneurship, design, and communications. She embarked on training in complementary therapy in 2009, starting with hypnotherapy, before diving further into energy work and consciousness exploration. 

Desiree advocates the importance of doing inner work, and healing psycho-emotional patterns, before satisfying spiritual curiosity.

Her open yet grounded approach to spirituality, blends the best of both eastern and western worlds, reflecting her Eurasian heritage, and love for all cultures. 

Desiree believes that intuitive and psychic powers lie within each and every one of us, and is a practical life skill to be mastered.

master your connection.

Once you overcome what has been blocking you from your natural abilities, you will understand that tapping into your intuition is not a mystical process reserved just for clairvoyants and new age-ists, but a practical tool you can use for life.

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