The Soul Intelligence Ultimate Intuition Program 


Clear, cleanse, and heal blockages to your intuition. Level up your frequency to its highest potential.


Decipher and decode intuitive language. Learn how to translate rather than interpret answers.


Learn to be your own instrument of clarity and wisdom. Gain ultimate comfort and trust in yourself and the Universe.


Integrate your newfound abilities in your life's work, and serve humanity with greater compassion.

Four Structured Modules

Module 1 & 2 form the foundations of the program. Module 3 is the intermediate level, and Module 4 is advanced.

Trusting Innate Knowledge ~ 'I'

Module 1 helps you understand the basics of your intuition, and meta-energy. Learn to trust yourself, by starting off on self-practice to receive guidance for yourself.

In the first module, you will learn the difference between instinct and intuition, the fundamentals of Energy and its management, and the relationship between energy, frequency, and consciousness. 

As you exercise your intuitive muscle, you will begin to explore different levels of consciousness, and experience our multi-sensory, multi-dimensional states of being.

Through the power of metaphors and stories, you will tap into your Soul's Intelligence, and learn how to use your intuition for yourself.

Module 1


Single Module

  • Lessons released over 4 weeks
  • Access to all Module 1 lessons for a year

  • Downloadable Worksheets

  • Downloadable Meditations

  • Resource List
  • Home practices
  • 1 LIVE class!*

  • 1 Attunement (Deep guided journey and activation)

  • Option to continue on to Module 2 upon completion ($1099)


understand your true being.

Get past the distractions of your analytical mind and dive into the depths of your all-knowing self. Receive the missing piece. Gain full access to universal ​tacit knowledge.

Module 1 & 2 together form the firm foundations of truly understanding the capabilities of your intuition, as you learn to receive answers not just for yourself but for others. 

We have included the option for you to register for both modules together now, at a subsidy.

Receiving Eternal Wisdom ~ 'You'

This is where the magic starts to happen! Module 2 will see you ignite your own Soul Intelligence to receive guidance for others, on personal matters, like relationships, family, business and more, using a structured approach.

You will learn about guides, angels, the 'Akashic Records', and understand the importance of upholding a code of ethics when using your intuition.

See how shaping the way you communicate this work, can help you build rapport with others.

Learn to trust just how intuitive you are through practice and feedback from others. 

Module 1 & 2 

S$1399 / S$499 mthly

Double Module Foundations Bundle

  • Lessons released over 10 weeks
  • Access to all Module 1 and 2 lessons for a year
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Downloadable Meditations
  • Resource lists
  • Home practices
  • 3 LIVE classes!
  • 2 Attunements (Deep guided journey and activation)
  • Bonus! Free access to our private Intuition Mastery group to connect, learn, share and grow with others like you, plus extra training, invites and tips for a year! 
  • Bonus! Certification Track. Receive extra practice assignments designed to help you be more proficient, and a one-on-one assessment by your instructor ($199 value)
  • Bundle value of almost $1800/-

Module 1 & 2


Full Payment

Most Savings

Save almost $400!


Module 1 & 2


Payment Plan

3 monthly payments

Save almost $300!


Mirabelle Yang, PHD candidate, Singapore

"I was unsure and hesitant about many things in life but through the work we did in the Soul Intelligence course, I gained so much more clarity about how to heal certain mental, emotional, physical issues and my key limiting beliefs. There was a lot of confusion in my life before, but much of that has cleared up.

The program provided me a very safe and encouraging space to tap into my intuition. Desiree is an excellent teacher and facilitator! She's supportive and knows how to bring out the best in everyone while also offering helpful suggestions. Her presence and energy, together with my fellow course mates', made each session a really powerful experience.

The material is presented very concisely and lucidly. Tapping into my intuition has given me access to a wide range of feeling-states and insights; this has taught me to be kinder as I started to see, and be touched by what other people are going through.

Through this program, I learned to trust myself better and to be more secure in my decisions. But the most valuable thing is that I started to live with more awareness, in a more embodied and magical way!"


Module 3 and Module 4

To be offered upon completion of the first two modules.

Gaining Divine Power ~ 'We'

Dive even deeper to learn about Karmic energy, The Soul Journey and Past Lives in Module 3.

Discover ancestral energy and the fascinating way family wounds energetically pass through the generations. 

Understand Intrusive Energy, cords attachments and more. 

Digest how Universal Time and foretelling the future actually works.

And most crucially, learn how to receive healing using your Soul Intelligence and integrate Intuition into every part of your life including your service work.

Embodying Ultimate Enlightenment ~ 'Us'

Module 4 will have you truly embody your own inner power.

Grasp the relationship between the mind, emotions, body and spirit, to successfully use your Soul Intelligence to help yourself and others understand and heal the metaphysical, psycho-emotional root of disease and illnesses in the multi-body.*

You will also discover how to tap into energy of deceased loved ones to receive messages of love and comfort from them, in a safe manner.

Connect to cosmic energy and bring through messages for the earth and give back to humanity.

Rebekah Hah-Dwyer, 
Intuitive Astrologer (Chinese Metaphysics), UK

"Honing my intuition has helped me to gain greater clarity and understanding of the past, present and future phases of my life. I now feel more relaxed, at peace and live in greater flow as my life and my purpose continue to unfold.

Before unlocking my Soul's Intelligence, I felt like I was always searching for the right answers to questions about my life.

Tuning into my intuition, has enabled me to trust the insights received and live with greater joy and freedom.”

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Angeline Chia, Yoga Instructor, Singapore

"This course delivered more than I had anticipated. The guidance I received through my intuition has been empowering and always supportive. To me, this is an invaluable tool to navigate all kinds of challenges in life.

It serves as a timely reminder towards any challenges in life, delivering great insights for our highest good. The wider perspective brought about so much more clarity and self-awareness."

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